Enhance your experiences with the VESTA UV Premium Membership.

Create, explore and socialize in the social metaverse.

  • Upload up to 1GB
  • 50MB per upload
  • Follow & interact with other WebVR creators
  • Build WebVR experiences with the VESTA Editor
  • Leave floating comments in most webspaces
  • Personalized username & avatar in world
  • Access NSFW webspaces
Become a VESTA poweruser with the VESTA UV membership.

  • Upload up to 5GB
  • 100MB per upload
  • Link to external sites in your profile and descriptions
  • Upload custom thumbnails for your webspaces
  • Get the UV Badge
  • Upload animated GIF avatars
  • Plus everything a Basic member gets!
Showcase large projects and collaborative spaces

  • Unlimited storage space
  • 100MB per upload
  • Enable persistent, collaborative editing on your webspaces with JanusVR
  • Create backups of, or restore your collaborative webspaces
  • More to be announced
  • Plus everything an Ultraviolet member gets!