Community Participation Guidelines

In addition to adhering to the VESTA EULA, users are prohibited from the following activities.

Reporting Content for Moderation:

If you feel that any content breaches our community guidelines you may submit it for review via the "report" button under each webspace. Do not use the report button for any other reason than to report content that breaches the community guidelines. Abuse of this button is not permitted.

Posting links:

In addition to the guidelines for general content, please also take the following into account when posting links to other online content.

Posting General Content (Things to Not Do):

Actions that may be taken if these guidelines are breached:

We moderate at our discretion. Reports are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and the context of the situation may determine the actions taken. We reserve the right to remove and edit content that breaches the aforementioned guidelines, although we will make reasonable effort to take into consideration the entirety of the situation and to act according to our best judgement. Actions taken (or not taken) by our moderation team are at our sole discretion, and we may act without warning or explanation.

Changing of Guidelines:

As our community evolves, so may our community guidelines. Our moderation team will make its best effort to spread awareness of our community guidelines. By using VESTA you agree to adhere to the guidelines and keep up to date with any changes made to them.