janusVR basics


First you will need the janusVR 3D web browser. Go to janusVR.com, click the download link, and choose the client for your Operating System (Windows, Mac, or Linux).

Upon first launching the browser you will be taken to the default website which is called the Lobby. From here you can walk around and click on various other portals to explore even further. Here are some of the basic concepts and controls:


  • Hit w, a, s, d, q, and e to move around.
  • Hit f to enter flight mode. Look where you want to fly and hit w, a, s, d, q, and e to move.
  • Hold left click to see an arrow. After a few milliseconds you'll see a green avatar appear. Release to instantly teleport to where your mouse cursor is placed.


  • Left click on any portal to open and just walk through.
  • Hit tab to create your own portal. A textbox will appear with the ability to type in any url you want. If the website you choose does not have janusML, a default room will be generated with the 2D version of the website presented on the walls.
  • Click on a web surface to control the website. While the web surface has control of your mouse, you can hit tab to enter a new address. Note that tab does not switch between text input fields in a web surface.
  • Hit cmd+b(mac) or ctrl+b(win) to bookmark the current url you are within. Bookmarks can be accessed from the main lobby, or from the esc menu.


  • Hit t to text chat within janusVR.
  • Hit c to open up the chat log. You can scroll this with your mouse wheel or trackpad.
  • To update your username hit t and type #userid your-user-name where your-user-name is whatever username you want to use.
  • To voice chat with the janusVR community, download the Mumble client and connect to
  • The janusVR community also communicates asychronously via the janusVR subreddit.

ESC Menu

  • Hit esc to see various options presented as floating buttons. This will also give you a floating web surface presenting the 2D version of the url you are currently within, as well as your avatar, and a link to your bookmarks. Hit esc again to turn off the menu.

Editing Basics

  • Turn on edit mode: Hit esc to access the options and select Edit Mode to turn it on. Hit esc again to turn off the menu. Now you can use the right click to edit anything you see (unless it's locked).
  • Spawning: A single right-click will spawn a primitive object. If you now hit w, a, s, d you can cycle through various primitive object. Another single right-click will cancel the operation. A single left-click will commit the operation, placing the object within the room where others can now see it.
  • Selecting: A single right-click on an object will highlight it and it will begin to glow. Text will appear in front of it indicating it's pos vector. You can change these values with the w, a, s, d, q, and e keys. Hitting the tab key while an object is highlighted will allow you to cycle through the objects attributes such as xdir, ydir, zdir, scale, col(color), etc.
  • Copying: While and object is highlighted with a right-click, you can also copy it with cmd+c(mac) or ctrl+c(win).
  • Pasting: Hold right-click and place the green cursor wherever you like, then hit cmd+v(mac) or ctrl+v(win) to paste a copy of the object.
  • Saving: Hit cmd+s(mac) or ctrl+s(win) to save the source code of the url you are within to your clipboard. This also saves an html file of the output to your workspaces directory. The workspaces directory is found within /Applications/janusvr.app/Contents/MacOS/(mac) or alongside of the janusVR executable(win).

Changing Avatars

  • Method 1: cmd+click(mac) or ctrl+click(win) on any ghost you find to assign it as your own avatar. A ghost is a janusML specific asset. You can find a bunch of pre-made avatars at http://lobby.vrsites.com/avtype/
  • Method 2: your avatar is read from a text file on your system found within /Applications/janusvr.app/Contents/MacOS/userid.txt(mac) or alongside of the janusVR executable(win). This is a basic janusML file where you can define your own head and body using regular .obj or .dae models and materials. For more examples on this, see http://vrsites.com/assets/nukemarine_02/10/userid_avatars.txt