Q: How do I find my door in Janus VR?

Firstly make sure you change the default door on your account and have created and published your first room. Launch Janus VR and head for the middle door into the VR Sites hub and you will find your door within the hotel you have been designated.

Q: How do I know which hotel I'm in?
On the 'My rooms' page you will see your designated hotel above the listing of your rooms.

Q: I didn't get my signup confirmation, what do I do?
Check your spam folder and add vrsites.com as a trusted sender.

Q: Will all my rooms show up in the hotel?
No. Only your first room will show up in your designated hotel. You'll be responsible for linking to any other rooms you create.
Q: Can I change the room which shows up in my hotel?
Not yet. We have a task where we are working on giving you the ability to designate which of your rooms is linked to from the hotel.

Q: Can I change my hotel?
Typically not, but if we get enough requests for this we might consider implementing a way for you to do this.

Q: How long will my account be free?
Free accounts will remain free as long as we're alive. Additional features will soon be available for purchase.